What to do with the excess wire on my picture hanging system?

What to do with the excess dropper on my picture hanging system?

Our standard length dropper is 2 metres long.  We find that this covers 99% of our clients needs and is suitable for track mounted up to about 3.5 metres high depending on the gallery requirements.

This being said often our clients will not use the entire length of the dropper and may wonder what to do with the left over material.

Firstly, if you are using the stainless steel droppers, what ever you do, DO NOT cut the wire.  The stainless steel wire is actually a braid of smaller wires which have been thermally bound at the bottom to prevent unravelling.  By cutting the wire you allow the braid to loosen, unravel and eventually cause the early demise of the dropper.  Furthermore, cutting the dropper also determines the droppers maximum length in further circumstances.

Instead, we recommend rolling the wire up, folding the end through several times and placing it behind the lowest piece on the dropper; out of the way, safe and sound and ready to be used at longer lengths next time!

When the clear tape droppers are used however, the approach may be slighting different.  If the lowest piece suspended on the dropper allows, I would still recommend rolling the tape up and securing it with a zip tie or some sticky tape.  This will most likely be possible where the piece has a cavity at the back.  If not possible, then it is best to cut the clear tape with a sturdy pair of scissors.  When cutting the clear tape, I recommend keeping it as long as possible without having it visible at the bottom of the piece.  This way the clear tape still has the greatest adjustment potential when redeployed.

Cheers for now,


Ed – Shakespeare Solutions.

PS. find out more about our picture hanging systems here!

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