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Showing all 4 results

Droppers for ‘The Gallery System’ come in two varieties; Clear Tape or Stainless Steel Cables (wire). Sold in packs of 10

Clear Tape Dropper Kit

The Clear Tape Dropper Kit includes a 30 metre roll of tape and 10 ‘Locking Capsules’.   The tape can be cut with scissors potentially creating 10 x 3m tape droppers.  Alternatively extra ‘Locking Capsules’ can ordered increasing the number of droppers which could be cut from the roll.  The droppers must be fed into the track from one end.

These droppers can only be used with the Standard Adjustable Hooks and can hold 15kgs per dropper.

Stainless Steel Dropper Kit

The Stainless Steel Dropper Kits include 10 track slides and 10 pre cut stainless steel braided wires /cables.  They are available in 2m and 3m lengths, although custom lengths can be accommodated upon request.  The wires have been thermally bound at the end to ensure they do not fray. The droppers can be added at any point along the track and as such are not required to be fed in from one end.

These droppers can be used with the Standard Adjustable, Push Button or Security Hooks and are capable of holding 30kgs per dropper (Note: max of 20kgs per hook).

The droppers should not be cut, instead we recommend rolling any surplus wire up and placing it below the lowest hanging piece.