Slimline Art Hanging System

The Slimline Art Hanging System is the ideal picture hanging system for domestic or office applications; it’s slim design ensures a minimal and unobtrusive look.

The system is simple to install, allowing you to change art as often as you change your mind; without damaging your walls.  In an age where some paint manufacturers are offering an ‘as long as you live in your home’ guarantee, it makes perfect sense to ensure that you protect your walls from traditional inflexible hooks.  It’s picture hanging made easy!


The Slimline Art Hanging System is very capable and is commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • Rental properties (to save the walls and paint)
  • Homes
  • Business offices
  • Restaurants and cafes

What do I require?

The Slimline Art Hanging System is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Tracking – 2 metre lengths, available in silver and white
  2. Droppers – clear tape or stainless steel wire available
  3. Hooks – adjustable and push button hooks available

Further information on these components can be found on the relevant pages above. Alternatively, contact our friendly staff for more information or to order a demonstration kit which includes a short piece of track, both styles of droppers and hooks.