HangRight Clips

Reduce forward leaning artwork with HangRight Clips

HangRight Clips are a wonderful solution to the problem of some art and photos leaning too far forward when suspended using a Picture Hanging System.

Whilst the results will vary, we found the HangRight Clips reduced the forward lean of most pieces by a minimum of 50% (when measured from the back of the piece to the wall).  We very much encourage you to add HangRight Clips to your order.

Should you wish to order our HangRight Clips they can be found on the following pages on the right hand side of the hooks: The Gallery System, The Slimline Art Hanging System or Individual components for our Picture Rail Hooks. (All the HangRight Clips are the same and work on other brands of Hanging Systems also. They are in multiple places here for ease of education when new to Hanging Systems).

Installation Instructions

  1. Find and mark centre on the top piece of the frame/canvas to be suspended. (Some thought will need to be given to the placement/use on box and unusual frames)
  2. Align vertical lines on HangRight Clip with centre mark on artwork and mark screw hole
  3. Carefully drill pilot hole with 2mm bit. Aim for the hole to be the same depth as screw, a piece of tape wrapped on the drill bit can be a useful guide here. Note: be cautious not to drill too deep as this may cause damage to the front face of the frame or artwork.
  4. Place HangRight Clip on piece and secure with screw.

Application Instructions

  1. Hang piece in position, centre and align. We recommend using felt or foam protectors on the bottom corners of the piece to be suspended. These not only protect the wall but also assist to minimise forward lean.
  2. Place dropper (wire/tape/cord) under HangRight Clip catch and slide into place using your finger to remove the pressure of the clip. Continue to hold art away from the wall. If required another HangRight Clip or screw driver can be used as a lever. Do not force dropper, this could cause damage to your system.
  3. Gently release piece to resting position, ensuring that the hook does not bruise the wall
  4. Enjoy your gallery now that your pieces HangRight!