The Gallery System is a picture hanging system trusted by art galleries and commercial users in New Zealand and abroad; it consists of three main components – tracking, droppers and hooks.

Boasting some of the greatest weight capacities on the market our clients will often use one dropper (wire or tape) when others might use two, providing less distraction from your art and pictures whilst potentially reducing components to be purchased.

Furthermore, The Gallery System also has an optional lighting system; ‘The Gallery Lighting System’.  It takes advantage of the installed track to provide adjustable lighting to the pieces in your art gallery.


The Gallery System is a perfect picture hanging system for high volume and heavy weight applications or where ‘The Gallery Lighting System’ may be required.

  • Galleries
  • Government / Council Art Galleries
  • Schools & Education Institutions
  • Art Shows
  • Heavy domestic or business uses

What do I require?

A basic system will include track, droppers and hooks.  Further information on these components can be found on the relevant pages above.