The Gallery Lighting System

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Showing all 9 results

A flexible and effective lighting system for The Gallery System

The Gallery Lighting System is a wonderful addition to The Gallery System allowing you to add lighting to your gallery where required and move it when needed!

What do I need?

The system is quite simple with only 4 components to consider: Lighting Kits, Lighting Wands, Globes and Track Covers.

Lighting Kit (Transformers)

The main lighting kit contains a 300VA Transformer, junction box, special purpose double sided tape and 20 metres of ‘blue cable’ suitable for ‘The Gallery System’ track.  This kit is able to power 18 LED globes over 20 metres of continuos track.  In general it is best to install the junction box roughly in the middle of the span with 10 metres of cable either side; although it can quite easily handle 13m one side and 7m the other.

A smaller transformer (105VA) is also available which connects directly to the blue cable and is capable of powering 6 lights over 6 metres.

Both lighting systems come with a standard Australian power plug and can be installed by a handyman, however, it is popular for our clients to have the transformer installed in a ceiling or wall cavity wired to a traditional wall switch.  Naturally a licensed electrician should be use for this work.

Lighting Wands

The Lighting Wands connect to the track (with lighting kit installed) and provide an adjustable platform for the LED globe.

LED Globes

For several years now we have supplied Phillips LED Globes to suit our the system.  We prefer these globes as they provide a neutral light (tending towards being warm, not cool), have very very appealing cooling properties and last for some 25,000 hours!  Naturally one globe should be ordered per Lighting Wand

Track Covers

When installing ‘The Gallery Lighting System’, it is important to stop the track on internal corners about 4cm short of the wall and external corners at the edge of the wall to allow room for the cable to ‘twist’ around the corner.  The relevant corner covers hide the Lighting System cable from view.   When using the Clear Tape Droppers, it can be a good idea to leave a small gap between continuos lengths of track so that the Locking Capsules can be fed in with out going right to the end; straight covers have been created to hide this gap where the lighting cable will appear.

Things to consider

The Gallery Lighting System works best when the track is not higher than 2.7 metres from the floor.  Above this height the effectiveness of the lights is diminished.