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Slimline System Clear Line Droppers (**NEW**)


Pack of 10 Slimline Clear Line Droppers, 1.2mm diameter – 2 metres.  Rated to 8kg per dropper.

Note: Clear Line Droppers must be used with the Slimline Mini Hooks only.

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Product Description

The Slimline Clear Line droppers are a filament style dropper with a 1.2mm diameter for ‘The Slimline Art Hanging System’; they are a high quality yet economical option.

Things to consider

Compatible Hooks

These droppers are compatible with the Mini Hooks for The Slimline System only.  Adjustment of these hooks is achieved with the Allen Key included.  This will require the art to be completely removed while adjustment is made, something which may or may not be relevant given the environment in which they will be used.

Using these droppers

Can be added anywhere along the track without the need to insert them from one end.

The droppers will exhibit a slight stretch when under load and may not be the best choice for galleries trying to line up a large number of pieces.


Weight Capacity

8 Kg





Quantity per Pack


Track Insertion Method

Anywhere (no need to feed from the end)


Slimline Art Hanging System